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nice apartment near chanping lu metro l.7 to rent

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par sophie89, 7 Jan 2013.

  1. sophie89

    sophie89 Apprenti

    7 Jan 2013
    Hi guys,

    I am leaving my apartment the 12th of january and I am looking for someone willing to rent it. As I am leaving sooner than expected i have to find someone be myself but don't worry, if you want it it goes through an agency with a lease contract ...

    It is situated 10 minutes away from the metro l.7 Chanping lu. The rent is 4500 yuans per months (negociable) and the electricity bills are approximately 200 yuans during winter and sommer time and quite nothing in between. No gas and just 20 yuans for water.

    You can find everything you need in the neighborhood: carrefour (15min), brioche dorée, wagas (5min), starbucks (10min)...
    There is 2 different convenient stores just at the entry of the building.

    The 40 sqm apartment is very nice decorated and fully furnished: microwave, washing machine, TV, aircon. The internet is already installed and paid until the end of the month.
    The apartment consist of one big room: downstairs there is the living room and the kitchen + the bathroom and upstairs there is the bedroom in mezzanine.

    You can move in from the 12th of january, the closer to this date, the better. And if you are new in Shanghai I can help you with all the boring stuff like finding where to go to pay for internet etc etc

    Feel free to contact and visit whenever you want.

    Sophie Nierengarten ( speak french, english and german) +86 138 18 18 42 54 maryenola@hotmail.fr

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  2. guile748

    guile748 Nouveau Membre

    9 Jan 2013

    I am french, and I have to change my apartment. I am living jiangsu road near wuding road. I am interesting to visit your apartment. Is it free, again? Do I have to see with you or do I have to see with Mrs Nierengarten to visit this apartment? I am free after my work at 6pm.

    best regards,

    Guillaume DELABRE
  3. sophie89

    sophie89 Apprenti

    7 Jan 2013

    Bonjour Guillaume,

    L'appartement est encore libre. Nous partons plus tôt que prévu de cet appart (trop éloigné de l'endroit où mon copain travaille) alors je me charge de trouver celui ou ceux qui nous remplaceront. Tu peux venir le visiter à 18h si tu veux je suis ici jusqu'à 20h.

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