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My Chinese or English for your French

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Pékin Divers' créé par corajudy, 5 Juin 2012.

  1. corajudy

    corajudy Apprenti

    27 Mai 2012
    Hi !

    I am sorry to write this in English. But my French is really not very good. :(

    I am moving from London to Beijing in early June and would like to continue my French study there.

    My French is very basic at the moment, so I do appreciate your patience. :)

    My native Language is Chinese. I studied and worked in Leeds/ London and have a master in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies from Leeds University, interned with the United Nations in Vienna. So,you can trust my English as well.

    I am going to study French and Italian at the same time and see what will happen.

    Really looking forward to doing language exchanges with native French speakers ( better if you also speak italian :D) who are open minded and well travelled and fun.

    And this is my first time living in Beijing, so we could explore the city together as well.

    Xiang xx

  2. anjie

    anjie Apprenti

    6 Juin 2012
    I m so interested.
    I m French native. I ve been livin' in Beijing for like 2 years now and I m still trying to learn Chinese on my own with books with no success. I think it would be better to learn with someone like you. Let me know when you are available and we can have a tchat in a starbucks or some other place whenever you want.

    à plus!

  3. corajudy

    corajudy Apprenti

    27 Mai 2012
    Hi Anjie

    Thank you vey much for contacting.

    could you let me know your email address?


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