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My Chinese or English for your French

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Echanges et Rencontres à Shanghai' créé par corajudy, 27 Mai 2012.

  1. corajudy

    corajudy Apprenti

    27 Mai 2012
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    Hi !

    I am sorry to write this in English. But my French is really not very good. :(

    I am moving from London to Shanghai in early June and would like to continue my French study there.

    My French is very basic at the moment, so I do appreciate your patience. :)

    My native Language is Chinese. I studied and worked in Leeds/ London and have a master in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies from Leeds University, interned with the United Nations in Vienna. So,you can trust my English as well.

    I am going to study French and Italian at the same time and see what will happen.

    Really looking forward to doing language exchanges with native French speakers ( better if you also speak italian :D) who are open minded and well travelled and fun.

    Xiang xx

  2. Beanjacq

    Beanjacq Membre Actif

    18 Avr 2012
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    Hello Xiang!

    I am Benoit, French, and I've just arrived in Shanghai for work. I would like to continue studying Chinese. Indeed, I have started when I was 13 till 18 but after only some lessons aone with books.
    I am ready for an exchange with books if you have also one in French?
    Where do you live? I am in the French concession west.
    Hope to see U

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