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MASTER ROOM IN XUJIAHUI 1 min from line 1/9/11 RMB:3500

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par eytoo, 10 Nov 2013.

  1. eytoo

    eytoo Nouveau Membre

    10 Nov 2013
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    Hey guys !
    After 8 awesome months in Shanghai, I have to go back home…
    Therefore my room is going to be free in the next few days.

    The apartment is located in Xujiahui, at one minute walking from the xujiahui subway station line 1/9/11, and 7-8 minutes walking from shanghai indoor stadium station line 4.

    The flat is located in a compound with gards 24h/24h, so if you have bikes or scooter it‘s safe. The neighborhood is really convenient ; restaurants all around, sushi’s place, starbucks, subway, and many Chinese restaurants. There is a supermarket, a convenient store, and a gym (terrawelness, with swimming pool), at 30 seconds from the building :)

    Now the apartment :) It’s a nice master bedroom in a 3 room’s apartment, (2 single rooms, and my master bedroom).
    The bed is a real bed, not IKEA stuff or Chinese style destroying your back ! A huge cabinet in the same style than the bed, with mirror door, and other furniture to put all your stuff (see on pictures), and a big wood desktop as well.
    The bathroom is in your bedroom in a separated room with door. You are the only user; the other roommates are sharing another one.

    The shared places are the kitchen and the living room. The living room is well equipped, with 2 big coffee tables, one big dining table, a plasma, DVD player, air conditioner, furniture to range whatever you need… In total you can seat 12 persons !

    The kitchen is well equipped as well with many cabinets, oven, cooker hood... Kitchen’s tools are included (pan, casserole, knifes, plates…)

    The cleaning lady is coming 2hours per week, for 50 RMB in total, so 16 RMB per persons… You can make her coming more often if you want of course.

    Last detail but not the least : the walls and the doors are thick, so you can put music in your room without waking up everybody !

    You are welcome to visit, just give me a call/text/email ! 185 0164 9291 eytanh@live.fr

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