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Our client is looking for a Marketing Manager to develop Voir la pièce jointe 101931 Voir la pièce jointe 101931 Voir la pièce jointe 101931 Voir la pièce jointe 101931 its communication strategy in China.




JOB LOCATION Shanghai, China

JOB TYPE Full-time


Responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s social media strategy and campaign in China to increase our brand presence and influence in the market.



· Manage and monitor social media platforms. Analysis of social media channel performance

· Develop and implement innovative social media campaign to enhance our social media presence, enlarge the brand awareness and engagement among target audience

· Develop and implement social media strategy, especially WeChat strategy, keep eyes on the most updated social media trend

· Create quality and captivating marketing content

· Create or revise product literature: catalogs, press releases, product sheets, adverts, presentations. Collect information, pictures and coordinate translation of documents between English and Mandarin Chinese.

· Support printing and managing all marketing materials. Liaison with vendors

· Coordinate and manage workshops, exhibitions, seminars and other promotional activities

· Perform secondary research on industry, market and competitors. Work closely with Sales Team to form business and social media strategies

· 管理和监控社交媒体平台,社会媒体渠道绩效分析。

· 发展和推行创新的社会媒体运动,以加强我们的社会媒体存在,扩大品牌意识和目标受众的参与

· 制定和实施社会媒体战略,尤其是微信战略,密切关注最新的社会媒体趋势

· 创造高品质及吸引人的营销内容

· 创建或修改产品文献:目录、新闻稿、产品说明书、广告、演示文稿;收集信息,图片并协调中英文文件的翻译

· 支持印刷和管理所有市场营销资料,负责与供应商联系

· 协调和管理工作坊、展览、研讨会及其他推广活动

· 对行业、市场和竞争对手进行二次研究,与销售团队紧密合作,建立商业和社交媒体战略


· Bachelor Degree in media, public relation, communications, marketing or related discipline

· 1-3 years in marketing experience in digital marketing and social media marketing, esp. WeChat

· Familiar about the social media channels and digital trend

· Good English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills is a plus

· Str0ng computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, additional competence in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign a Str0ng plus

· Ability to multi-task and work independently under deadline

· 传媒、公共关系、通讯、市场营销或相关专业本科学历

· 1-3年数字营销和社会媒体营销经验,特别是微信营销

· 熟悉社交媒体渠道和数字趋势

· 有良好的英语阅读、写作、听力和口语能力者优先

· 良好的计算机应用能力,包括微软Word,Excel,PowerPoint,在此基础上如果懂得使用Photoshop,Illustrator,InDesign 等软件更佳

· 能够在规定时间内独立完成多项任务.


-Social insurance and housing fund, paid annual holidays

-Local contract

To apply, please send your resume to: