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  2. Il est important d'être conscient que le statut de stagiaire n'existe pas réellement pour les étrangers dans la plupart des provinces de Chine.

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[Looking for job] - Design Engineer / Industrial Design / Project manager

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par gin-chan, 18 Oct 2012.

  1. gin-chan

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    5 Mai 2010
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    I spent these last two years in China (Wuhan, Shanghai and Dongguan) as assistant-engineer and product designer/project manager in trading companies.

    I am graduated from a French engineering school (UTBM) with a Design Engineer degree major in Industrial design)

    During my previous experience in Novobox and Farex Shanghai (www.novoboxworld.com - wwww.farex.cn) [French/Serbian Trading specialized in packaging and toys and French valve pump manufacturers]

    I was in charge of the whole design and developpement of their products :

    - Take client specifications, exchange with them by email and phone [French and English]
    - Design 2D and 3D model [CAD with CATIA V5 - Solidworks]
    - Source suppliers, visit factories, deal with quotations and prices
    - Solve the technical issues and insure the proper development of the product with Chinese technicians
    - Follow up of the prototype and the mass production with quality control

    From my engineering background in mechanical field, I am familiar with industrial processes such as metal stamping, welding, plastic injections etc.
    So I can take part into an OEM project.

    You can see my previous work on : www.hervehymeng.com and www.novoboxworld.com
    [I worked with : EA games, Sony, Nelvana, Planete-chocolate]

    I am willing to travel all around China / Asia and to relocate. I speak Cantonese at home and Mandarin to communicate in daily life and to deal with local suppliers.

    My resume is online on my personal website.

    I am available full-time from now, also as freelance (Product design, Graphical design, Interior Design, Visuel Merchandising)

    Herve HY MENG

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