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linguitique echange mandrin a francaise

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Echanges et Rencontres à Shanghai' créé par xxavier, 7 Juil 2013.

  1. xxavier

    xxavier Nouveau Membre

    2 Juil 2013
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    Hey, I am Sugar I have been in Shanghai for one year. And in university, I learned English and French, but I spent less time and and energy on French. Now I want to pick up my French and hope I can speak French very fluently and know more about French culture and knowledge.
    And now I work in an English training organization WSE. And I’ve just been working here for almost one month.
    And I like climbing the mountain, singing, dancing, reading . And I am very interested in psychology. Also I like to make new friends from all over the world. And I am very curious about new things
    And I really hope I can find one good French teacher, ofc also friend. And I hope he can also speak English very well and we can help each other, and also share many interesting things and different cultures with each other.
    Ah, forget one thing, I am 24 this year. Haha.
    envoyer moi un message a xccpeter@163.com,si tu veux
    #1 xxavier, 7 Juil 2013
    Dernière édition: 7 Juil 2013

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