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Les Chinois se ruent sur le shopping made-in-Britain après le Brexit

Discussion dans 'Bistrot Chine du "Lotus Bleu"' créé par phitheb, 4 Juil 2016.

  1. phitheb

    phitheb Dieu créateur

    8 Déc 2013
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    (article en anglais, sorry):

    "British currency’s depreciation following EU referendum sparks ‘shopping fever’ with consumers rushing to take advantage of cheaper UK brands

    It has brought misery to millions and warnings that Britain has entered a calamitous tailspin towards a future of recession, isolation and international irrelevance.
    But in China, consumers have lauded Britain’s decision to quit the EU, taking advantage of the plummeting pound to go on post-Brexit spending sprees for Hermes handbags and Hugo Boss scarfs.
    “My first thought [after Brexit] was that the Harrods Summer Sale kicks off tomorrow,” one gleeful Chinese ‘leaver’ wrote on Weibo, China’s Twitter. “This means discount after discount!”
    Chinese newspapers have filled with celebratory column inches in the wake of the 23 June referendum, even as the country’s political leaders mourn the potential loss of their most vocal European cheerleader.
    In an article headlined “Pound’s depreciation sparks shopping fever”, the Wuhan Morning Post told its readers to look on the bright side of Brexit.
    “Britain’s exit has caused a devaluation in the pound which means that the same amount of yuan allows you to buy more,” it explained. “A classic Burberry trench coat, for example would have cost you 13,757 yuan before. But on the day of Brexit you could find one for just 12,203 yuan.
    Ctrip, China’s leading online travel agency, said there had been a 200% spike in searches for British holidays on its booking app, according to a report in the China Youth Daily newspaper....."

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