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la deuxième session pour les traducteur(trice)s et interpèteur(trice)s (toutes langue

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    The 2nd Seminar for Translators and Interpreters

    A Thousand Moons In A Thousand Lakes A Translator Opens A Cloudless Sky

    The 2nd Seminar for Translators and Interpreters

    The 2nd Seminar for Translators and Interpreters is going to be held in Longquan Monastery of Beijing on September 3rd, 2011.
    This seminar, which will pay special attention to the needs and conditions of average translators and interpreters, has planned a series of rich and focused discussion topics with a view to giving participants an opportunity for self-improvement through mutual communication and raising their translation capacity. In addition to technical exchanges, other intriguing activities will also be organized, such as visiting the organic farm of Longquan Monastery and touring around the ancient temple, in which participants will be able to appreciate the beauty of autumn in suburban Beijing and get rid of the stress they have been feeling through daily life and work. Hopefully, this seminar will bring a relaxed and healthy atmosphere to participants, who can enlarge their horizon, improve their translation capacity, relax themselves and make virtuous friends through the seminar.
    All those who are interested in the translation of various languages and the global popularization of traditional Chinese culture are welcome to participate in the seminar as an trainee. Except the communing expense, which is supposed to be covered by participants themselves, fees for accommodation and other regular spending during the seminar will be covered by the organizers.
    Your participation is exceptionally welcome.

    Activity Content

    In the Morning: Relaxing, Touring, Physical Work, Sharing of thoughts about the activities in the morning
    In the afternoon: Keynote speeches on translation-related topics and discussion
    Note: Please take the arrangement of activities on September 3rd as the final

    Way to Join
    Please fill in the form “Application Form for the 2nd Seminar for Translators and Interpreters” below and email it to the email box
    lqtc@vip.163.com. After the approval of the organizers, an email or SMS will be sent to you by way of confirming your application. All participants will get together at the gage of Fenghuangling (the Phoenix Ridge) from 8:00 am to 8:45 am on September 3rd. Remember to bring your certificates with you, such as your ID card, passport, student card or conversion certificate.
    For more information, please contact Yangyang (Tel.: 1390130547; QQ: 1012368824) or send an email to

    Download la Forme d'inscripte

    Page d'information en chinois et englais:

    les francophones, Bienvenus!!!


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