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Job offer - general manager assistant

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Zoc, 22 Juil 2013.

  1. Zoc

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    11 Jan 2012




    Our company offers practical, results‐oriented advice and hands-­on implementation in international business development. Our mission is to help companies grow by becoming international and we have helped more than 500 companies, SMEs andothers, in doing so. SAI is located in seven countries on three continents and we have been working with companies and institutions in Europe, North America and Asia since 1982.

    Our main offices and activities are based in France (Paris), Canada (Montréal) and Finland (Helsinki). A year ago, we opened new offices in Hong-kong and Shanghai. Although our asian activities are growing fast, our Shanghai office is still a small and flexible structure offering challenges and real opportunities of future promotion within the SAI group. The Shanghai office is looking to replace the General Manager Assistant.


    As the GM Assistant, your responsibilities would be equally divided around three main tasks to perform :

    1– Daily office management
    • Manage all administration and office matters.
    • Support GM in daily tasks.

    2– Translation and interpretation
    • Translation of commercial and administrative document.
    • Interpretation during meetings with GM and/or customers.

    3– Participation to customers' international development projects.
    • Market researches
    • Strategy recommendations
    • Partner findings
    • Organizations of customers' business trips

    Our company encourages intern promotion. The third task is a opportunity to acquire and develop knowledge and skills in international development consulting.


    -Bachelor degree or above
    -Native Chinese
    -Excellent English skills, French or other languages are a plus.
    -Previous experience in translation and interpretation.
    -Previous experience in working with foreign organizations.
    -Flexible and eager to learn.
    -Entrepreneur spirit and independent.

    If you are interested by the job position, please contact me by private message only. Leave your details with a short introduction in English. We will contact you by email.

    With our best regards,

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