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JOB OFFER - French Speaking Chinese Junior Merchandiser Position

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par wensen, 24 Avr 2013.

  1. wensen

    wensen Apprenti

    9 Oct 2012
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    Recruiting Company: CHINA1LINK
    Job Title: Junior Merchandiser

    Duties & Responsibilities: To assist Senior Merchandiser in:

    • Sourcing suppliers via various channels including internet search engines, in-house catalogue library, yellow pages, contacts, etc…
    • Create and build order files with all required documents through an approval process.
    • Maintain all orders/ projects: coordinating from Lead sheet to shipping advise, being in direct contact with factory to ensure order process (Following manual to the letter)
    • Create and maintain all tech packs for orders and sample developments.
    • To translate all QC reports – upon receipt and email to SM, VGM, & GM.
    • Travel to various locations in China to; visit factories; perform quality controls; get trims; & resolve shipping matters
    • Provide weekly WIP with status report. To keep a daily desktop binder with all references, all current leads, quoted leads, and task/ projects in hand.
    • Pro-actively develop your department by meeting goals and targets set.
    • Assist with foreign customers when visiting our offices, visit factories, or for entertainment.
    • Showroom maintenance & sample keeping
    • Ensuring that a professional office environment is always maintained and a harmonious relationship with all departments.

    Personnel Requirements:

    • At least 1 year experience in hard and soft goods merchandising.
    • Str0ng technical ability in dealing with a diverse array of products.
    • Str0ng ability in sourcing factories.
    • Fluent written and spoken Chinese required
    • Fluent written and spoken English required.
    • Fluent written and spoken French preferred.
    • Out-going, team player, pro-active, problem solver, energetic, able to work independently and under pressure....
    • Manage high / diverse work load, and meet deadlines.
    • Familiar with the entire merchandising process from sampling to shipping.

    If you think you meet the job requirements and are willing to work for us, please send an email to: Joel Simbrow [joelsimbrow@china1link.com]

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