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En recherche job in import/export, mannagement, trading etc ( speak mandarin)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Hong Kong & Stages' créé par sifei, 11 Fev 2016.

  1. sifei

    sifei Apprenti

    30 Sept 2015
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    I am a 25 years old french guy currently living in china. As I just graduate from a business school, it is the time for me to find a job and if possible in Hongkong one of my favorite city…

    During my 2 years in china I had time to learn how to speak and write mandarin and I would say I now able to speak it properly (hsk5) but I also majored in business strategy and marketing, on the top of that I did 3 internship ( one in HK in import export, one in Suzhou China as an assistant project manager in a Chinese company and one in France)

    I am currently looking to find a job in Hongkong « the most » will be a job which is in relation with china, china is a country that I love and understand (the culture, the language) I have seen many people doing business in china using the wrong methods mostly due to the lake of experience and knowledge. This is why I would like to share my experience to help some companies to commerce or develop their activities in china which is a country with high potential, the most for me would be to work in the import/export, management or business strategy.

    I will soon apply for working holiday in china which is a one year Visa ( I hope…)

    I am highly motivated and ready to give my best!!!! For any contact, you can send me email
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