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JingAn, Master BR (with Private bath & storage space), 2300RMB

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par rent, 10 Déc 2010.

  1. rent

    rent Apprenti

    10 Déc 2010
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    Greetings to you!
    If you are interested, please call/text me at(+86)139-1723-6527
    Link to Photos: http://www.myalbum.com/Album=OVB7NERY

    You will occupy a private area, including a hallway with private extra storage closets, your room, your bath.
    The hallway lies between the room and the bath. It is such a huge area.
    You would feel as if you are in an one-br apartment.

    Look for a FEMALE, who would live here from JAN 15 to JUNE 20. You could continue to live here afterwards, if you want to.

    The address is 458 WanHangDuLu
    10-15mins to Subway line2 station (both JingAn temple and JiangSu road are within walking distance)
    Two bus stations are 5-10 mins away, where you can take bus to HengShanLu, XuJiaHui, and ZhongShanPark area.

    (2) RENT & DEPOSIT
    2300RMB/Month - You need to pay every other month
    3000RMB Deposit
    Utility: 1/3 of the entire bill
    Shared Item: a big flat TV, DVD player, Iron/Iron board, Two fridge(big and small), Microwave, Toast Oven, Washing Machine, lots of dishes which we share.

    (3) ABOUT THIS ROOM – includes a hallway with private extra storage closets; your room; your bath.
    This is a very special master bed room in a three br apartment in JingAn area.
    Our apartment is at the 9th floor in a thirty something floor building.

    Your own door seperates your area from the living room, rooms of other roommies, kitchen, balcony.
    The door leads you to a private area which includes a hallway with private extra storage closets, your room, your own bath.
    And then the hallway lies between the room and the bath.
    It is very quiet as well – even if my roommates watch movies in the living room,
    I hardly ever could hear the sound. I never get disturbed.
    The storage in the hallway is very big.

    a. Major Banks are within walking distance - ICBC, Bank of China, SPD
    b. Easy access to a big local grocery market (5 min walk) as well as to Carrefour (10 min)
    c. On the way to the compound, there are lots of small sized local stores/convenient stores -
    where you can buy fruits, drinks, medicine, or snacks.

    d. The compound has a small workout place, including a swimming pool.
    ( you need to pay membership fee)
    It is not fancy, but I go there because it is just attached to the compound.
    The compound is quite greenish, some people just jogs inside of it.

    (5) Others
    You cannot have any pets in this place. This apartment is a smoking-free area.

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