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IOS Mobile Developer

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par doudou974, 1 Août 2013.

  1. doudou974

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    31 Août 2009
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    C3O is a Shanghai-based digital agency, we think, develop and animate digital strategies. Our objectives: reach, interact and build up consumers’ loyalty.
    In a nutshell, we develop mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows 8). The bigger picture is that we develop tools for brands to engage consumers on the mobile channel.
    Whether you go for an app, a mobile optimized website, m-commerce platform, a mobile social network, we develop the strategy and the tools to deliver the best experience for users - and best ROI to advertisers.

    The company is based in Shanghai and hires people all over China.

    We are looking for engineers who take pride in writing reusable code with an emphasis on quality over quantity. The ideal candidate will be innovative — interested in applying new techniques and design patterns, but also fluent in current best practices and standards. We embrace the best open source, commercial and custom-built software to help our development teams flourish.


    • Design and code iPhone or iPad application (in teams).
    • Contribute to the design of the overall product
    • Push the envelope for state of the art mobile applications and development practices.

    Skills & Requirements:

    • 1 years + of iOS development. You should be skilled at working with Xcode, Objective C/Obj C++ on UIKit and Interface Builder.
    • A Str0ng understanding of object oriented software principles, design patterns
    • A passion for automated test frameworks and test-driven development
    • The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with a smart and diverse team
    • Experience writing multi-threaded, asynchronous code
    • Str0ng problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
    • Have at least one public facing iOS application in the app store
    • Experience with distributed version control systems like Git
    • Experience in building, as well as consuming RESTful APIs.
    • Proficient with Unix, scripting languages, SQL, and regular expressions
    • Networking (HTTP , SMTP , OAuth, JSON, etc.)
    • Animation using Core Media or other
    • You have worked in a startup-like environment before (or you are ready to join a startup) and you are able to work in an unstructured, ambiguous, ever changing and self-driven environment.

    Job Location: Shanghai (We could also accept applicants from other locations)
    Negotiable (depend on experience)

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