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internship position in a consultancy company

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par tanotan, 20 Sept 2012.

  1. tanotan

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    The internship position for LSL CONSULTANCY• The internship should last for a minimum of 6 months (with an extension possible)• During this period of time the responsibilities of the trainee will be as follows;
    Responsibilities for LSL Consultancy:
    Business Development activities
    Cold calls to new clients
    Following up existing clients with random calls
    Presenting our company features on the phone
    Obtaining vast information from the clients during the call
    Fixing face to face appointments

    Sales activities:
    Meeting clients
    Presenting the company features during the face to face meetings with me
    Asking necessary and intelligently formulated questions to clients
    Dissolving objections if any
    Participating to client negotiations
    Moving clients towards agreement

    Presentation activities:
    Writing proposals
    Preparing PPT presentations in facilitating the conveyed message

    Marketing activities:
    Promoting LSL during networking activities
    Screening various possibilities in improving the exposure of LSL on the market
    Up-dating the information of our Website with our web designer
    Improving our ongoing relationship with the various chamber of commerce in Shanghai

    Workshops and coaching sessions:
    Assistance in preparations of workshop / coaching documents
    Physical presence during workshop and coaching sessions

    Responsibilities for IFA Paris (International Fashion School)
    LSL Consultancy is providing 3 different courses for IFA: Strategic Marketing Process, Professional Skills Development and Luxury concepts and analysis

    Instructor assistant
    Assistance in preparation of course content for the three different courses (PPT, case studies, case assignment…)
    Presence during the class lesson

    Academic Management
    You will work directly with the Academic Department of IFA to deal with various task in regards of the Post Graduate Program.
    Follow up with instructors
    Train the instructor to apply the methodology required
    Validate the academic content of each instructor module
    Improve the school’s standards for the two following Masters: Fashion Business and Luxury Brand Management.
    Be the link between the academic department and the school

    Qualities required
    Openness and perspective change when necessary
    Extreme organizational skills
    Planning and Prioritization
    Excellent writing skills (French / English)
    Excellent PR skills with clients

    Internship Fee
    You will be paid RMB 2000 per month
    On any new clients (from our Database) that you will be able to bring us and close a contract you will have 5% commission on the whole project - thus giving you the possibility of proving yourself as a sales person.

    Our working hours will be from 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday

    To apply for this position please send your CV and Cover Letter in English to the following email address: ilham@lslconsultancy.com


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