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Internship Offer: Webmaster- Ebusiness-Database-Network

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par CPS Asia ltd, 3 Fev 2010.

  1. CPS Asia ltd

    CPS Asia ltd Membre Bronze

    6 Avr 2009
    Asie, Hong Kong, Chine
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    Internship Offer: Webmaster- Ebusiness-Database-Network

    Company presentation:
    CPS Asia Ltd Hong Kong, a Western Service & Engineering company, specialized in:
    ·International Projects Management “Turnkey”, Interim Management
    ·Industrial Sourcing, Purchasing and Subcontracting, Quality control, Norms…
    ·Product design, Prototypes, Production and Processes...
    ·Factory Relocation, Refurbishing, Downsizing, Greenfield Construction & Start-up
    ·Merger & Acquisition, Cost Reduction Plan, & Global Optimization in LCC
    ·Implantations and Development Strategies in Asia, Partnerships

    Mission description:
    To develop its activities, CPS Asia Lts is now offering for a 3 to 12 month webmaster internship:
    ·Refurbish the actual website + including online forms, Mysql database, experts & training space
    ·E-business and interactive website creation
    ·Website ranking and linking
    ·Organize & secure the internal network
    ·Improve safety protection & back-up solutions
    ·Set in place a CRM (customer Relationship Management) software
    Profil description:
    Foreigner already in China
    Str0ng Knowledge of informatics in the described fields.
    Good written and spoken English
    Can be a student, young professional or experienced freelance.

    Location, time and remuneration:
    Guangzhou (and from home)
    Mission starting: February 3, 2010
    Can be full or part time mission
    Good fees on results
    Long term Freelance mission possibility after trial period.

    Send your detailed CV + references in English to
    Mr Hébert: g.hebert@cpsasia.net

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