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Offre Emploi International Sales Manager

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Jacomo, 12 Nov 2015.

  1. Jacomo

    Jacomo Membre Silver

    13 Juin 2007
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    Opportunity to join an innovative manufacturer of solar lighting products www.solux-light.com supporting the sales channels throughout South East Asia, Middle East and East Africa, South America targeting distributors and OEM's on an international basis. You will manage your time between account management and new business.


    Due to the international nature of the role you should be located around Shanghai Area, our sales office is located in Jingan district Area.


    This role is best suited to a sales professional, a self starter with the drive to succeed. You will have experience of international sales.

    You will be responsible for new business development :

    • International travel
    • Participate and work in trade exhibitions in China and HK and internationally
    • Will expand the export sales total profit
    • Will work with distributors and agents on a regular basis
    • Define, implement and manage a sales strategy so the company products can be sold within retail markets
    • Identify, develop and manage key contacts within the industry
    • Grow B2B sales by agreed yearly targets
    • Meet clients to strengthen working relationships and secure further add on sales
    • Define, implement and manage a CRM plan for all client contacts
    • Work with the existing client contact list and arrange meetings to grow business across the core product offering
    The Candidate Must:

    Must have sales experience ideally international or in B to B

    · Str0ng negotiation and communication skills (verbal and written)

    · Computer proficiency

    · Willingness to make cold calls

    · Exhibits excellent time management skills and very detail oriented

    · Energetic, confident and motivated with the ability to think on your feet

    · Fluent in English

    · Business Creative

    The Package.

    Basic Salary according the exprience + High Commision

    Working Visa


    Please send your resume and show your motivation at contact@solux-light.com

    Motivated interns also accepted
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    #1 Jacomo, 12 Nov 2015
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  2. echolee2011

    echolee2011 Guest

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    Hello, is this offer still available?

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