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Info Visa Emoo...

Discussion dans 'Visa Chine' créé par tien, 24 Juin 2008.

  1. tien

    tien Membre Bronze

    25 Oct 2007
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    Pour info, j'ai recu ca aujourd'hui de Emoo...
    (Je ne sais pas trop quoi en penser...)

    "A statement of Emoo
    As we all know,the Olympics Games is near at hand and the government of China want to control the quantities of foreign nationals in China.As a result they will strictly examine and approve foreign nationals who need to extend their visa.Now many foreign nationals want to apply or extend their visa but most of them were rejected for all kinds of reasons.

    Our company makes a official statement that the foreign nationals who got the F-visa in Qingdao, Shandong province or Yantai, Shandong province from our company must go outside China to extend the visa. The Exit and Entry Administration of China has strict control of these foreign natioinals and will not approve the L-visa or F-visa before and after the Olympics.

    Recently in many housing eatates entrance there will be immigration officers inspecing every foreign nationals. If you applied or extended a visa in our company before,you need to know the following points so that to avoid some troubles.

    Immigration officials will ask you some questions:
    Where did you get your visa?
    How did you get the visa?
    Now are you working or touring in Shanghai?
    Have you processed the temporary living certificate?

    Before you answer their questions,you need to check the place of issue now.And if your visa is issued in Qingdao or Yantai,Shandong province, you should answer the questioins like this:
    My visa was got from Qingdao/Yantai,Shandong Province.
    I made a bussiness investigation in Qingdao/Yantai,Shandong Province before and the worker made the visa for me.I’m sorry I forgot the company name.
    Now I just stay for a short time here and I will come back to my home country immediately.

    "Temporary residence certificate" must be processed in the the Public Security Bureau of the foreign national’s residences in three days after every foreign national enter China. So if you didn’t process it,you will be imposed a fine of 500 RMB.After July 1st,2008,the foreignnationals should process a Temporary residence certificate in 24 hours after entering China.If you stay at the hotel,you don’t need to process it.But if you leave your hotel to your friends’ residences,you should also process it in 24 hours.The entry and exit will be checked through the internet.And if they found you didn’t process it in time,you will be imposed a fine at most 5000 RMB.

    If you meet a special case,you can remain silent and contact us later.
    Now if you have some questions you can call to ask us.You can also send e-mail to us.We will help you to solve the problems.Our phone number is 021-51035456
    and our mail address is visa@emoo.net.

    In any case,you shouldn’t say that you get the visa from the agent.It will bring you some troubles if you say that.Please answer their questions in accordance with our suggestions,otherwise you should accept the consequences by yourself.
    The government of China will implement new policy on July 1st,2008 and then all the foreign nationals need to apply or extend the L-visa or F-visa outside China(not enclude Z-visa).And after the Olympics(about OCT.17),the government will begin to make a relaxation of the policy to foreign.

    Any foreign national who hold a L-visa(or F-visa) had better to make a Z-visa if want to live in China for a long period of time.Because we think it’s more secure.

    Now our company can offer international flight tickets in favourable prices,visa customers can enjoy the lowest price of it.
    Find your cheapest air-tickets for your trip(June2008)  
    Price from (RMB)  
    Destination One way Round-trip Valid days
    Beijing 570 1360 30
    ShenZhen 700 1400 30
    Osaka 1510 2600 90
    Taiwan 1620 2700 90
    Los Angeles 3500 4900 45
    London 2940 3990 60
    Frankfurt 3300 5100 90
    Macao 1350 2100 30
    Pairs 3300 4900 45
    Tokyo 2020 2600 60
    Bangkok 2000 2400 30
    Rome/Milan 3600 5200 30
    H.K. 1100 1600 30
    New York 3500 5200 45
    Sydney/ 3700 4500 180
    Seoul 1200 2000 180
    Singapore 1900 2600 14
    All the price no tax including.
    For more detail please contact us with
    51035456-811 Queenie or 51035456-815 Cathy
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Best regards

    Visa Department"

    #1 tien, 24 Juin 2008
    Dernière édition: 24 Juin 2008
  2. yahdo

    yahdo Guest

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    Oui donc Emoo veut qu'on ment à l'administration Chinoise :)


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