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17 Oct 2017

Industrialization project manager

Report to:

Industrialization director


You will be in charge of the introduction of new electronic or mechanical projects within the company, from quotation to samples realization followed by mass production of finished products. You will also define procedures and instructions required to ensure an efficient production and meet quality requirements.

Job Description:

The main aspects of this job are:

§ Assess the material cost and manpower of each new project in order for sales department to issue a quotation to customer

§ Communicate directly with customer about technical issues throughout the projects development

§ Develop and validate first production samples through direct communication with customer and suppliers. Implement all the changes required by customer.

§ Set-up the requirement for new production benches according to each project’s needs. Follow-up the design and manufacturing of the benches, proceed to commissioning.

§ Implement the mass production processes through the writing of procedures, work instructions, KPI.

§ Design production lines layout and organization for each project. Design packaging methods.

§ Organize training with Production department when relevant.

§ Analyze engineering change requests of customer and update the industrialization documents and processes accordingly.

§ Ensure the engineering documents and ERP database are at all time up-to-date.

§ Follow the continuous improvement methods and strive for better quality and higher efficiency production methods.

Job requirements:

§ Master degree in electronic/mechanical engineering

§ 3 years’ work experience in electronic/mechanical projects industrialization

§ Relevant experience in project management

§ Open-minded, autonomous, self-organized, process-oriented mind, eye for detail

§ Not afraid to get your hands dirty and set-up directly production equipment

§ Excellent team spirit, good communication with others

§ Fluent English, French. Basic level in Chinese or more is a plus.


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Saifute is a French company based in Shanghai (Minhang district), which main activity is to develop, manufacture and sell residential smoke alarms. Saifute also provides electronic manufacturing services to its customers.

Saifute belongs to the DEF Network, a group of more than 60 companies in the fire protection industry, with a total of 2,500 employees worlwide.

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