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Human resource director

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par oneyaccord, 26 Nov 2012.

  1. oneyaccord

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    18 Oct 2012
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    Oney Banque Accord (Auchan Group)


    Oney Accord Consulting is a 65 persons fast growing fully foreign-owned company, 100% owned by the international consumer finance bank Oney - Banque Accord, based in Shanghai and active throughout China, developing financial programs developed in partnership with Chinese Banks and major retailing groups.
    Oney Banque Accord is a French financial institution, specialized in consumer finance and credit cards, 100% owned by Auchan Group. It is present in 11 countries and has launched its activities in China in early 2007, focusing on the distribution of financial products through retail distribution channels.
    Auchan Group, a Fortune top 500 company, is one of the world leading retail distribution groups active in mass distribution through hyper-markets and other retails channels. Auchan is present in China through its own brand Auchan hypermarkets and other retail brands.

    Further to a promotion, Banque Accord is recruiting for its Oney Accord Consulting activities in China:

    Human Resource Director
    of Banque Accord in China

    The Human Resource Director will be responsible:
    1. Establish HR as a strategic constituent of the overall business process.
    2. Proactively build and enhance organization capability through recruitment, development and retention of high calibers / high potential employees with the right competency.
    3. Ensures Human Resource personnel are constantly upgraded in skills and competency in order to support the dynamic changes and challenges in business direction
    4. Sustain, develop and implement Employee Relations strategies that ensure business continuity.
    5. Establish a culture that foster innovation, high performance and commitment through the institutionalized Oney value.
    6. Implement best in class HR practices with the ultimate aim in making Oney the Choice Employers where potential employees want to work for.
    7. Ensures and maintains vigilance in ensuring all Oney locations comply with the respective local Labor Law and employment regulations
    8. Representing the Company in all official meeting and maintain Oney image in the external environment.
    9. Any other initiative to support the company and its Chairman

    Candidate PROFILE:

    Age: 30-45 years old

    Studies: University studies, preferably in Human Resources Management, Finance, Business Management or related field

    Experience: A prior successful professional experience is necessary, preferably in one or several of the following: finance, retail chains(hypermarket or specialists),

    Language: Native/very fluent Chinese, very fluent English or French

    Computer: Able to operate Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and email at a highly proficient level


    Around 10 years total human resource experience, five of which at senior managerial level with a global or regional responsibility in a multinational environment.
    1. Understand consumer finance products and their distributions – channel, marketing, animation, etc;
    2. Know the missions of the program, as well as the culture and vision of the company and the Group.
    3. Knowledge on labor law and labor contract law as well as local legislations, policies and procedures.
    4. Familiar and able to apply recruiting resources and techniques.
    5. Excellent communication skills: listen to the users needs; communicate legal issues and market practice to users; ability to work with persons at all levels; tact and ability to deal with difficult situations;
    6. Capabilities to anticipate the needs for talents and to recruit persons with potentials for advancement.
    7. Decision making skills: assess the situation and make rational decisions rapidly and independently.
    8. Details oriented: pay attentions on details with a high level of accuracy.
    9. Time management: prioritize tasks to meet deadlines.
    10. Posses culture awareness and sensitivity

    Remuneration / start date
    The salary will depend on experience and qualifications.
    Immediate recruitment.

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