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Horses and jockeys - Tous les Jeudis au Dada Bar

Discussion dans 'Soirées à Shanghai' créé par acidponyclub, 9 Sept 2009.

  1. acidponyclub

    acidponyclub Guest

    Every Thursday night at dada bar

    From decent house to proper house and a twist of underground disco,
    Detroit Tech and Dubstep

    Residents :

    The Horses : Clement Pony and Laura Ingalls
    The Jockeys : David Slackerton and Ryan Trix
    + Surprise guests including Shanghai's finest such as Dave K, Andreas
    Franco, Baijiu Robots, Nat Alexander, Santo Chino, Lasie Cane and many

    Horses and jockeys brings the creamy top of Shanghai’s house scene to
    freshly open DADA bar in the hip street of Xingfu Lu.

    Resident horses and jockeys rotate and bring to the ring their
    favorite house providers around town.

    You know that what you're gonna hear is proper house music and its
    various sub-genres, you just don't know in advance who's gonna play it on that
    particular night...

    Also -- guests and resident DJs will be requested to play at least one of
    their own productions, even if just a loop, something of their own you
    won’t hear anywhere else!

    Check myspace.com/theponyhorses everyweek to know the identity of our
    secret guest!

    Dada offers a large selection of nice cocktails starting at 25 RMB,
    Decent beer at 20 RMB, proper Belgian beer at 30 RMB.

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