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Hip Hop Party

Discussion dans 'Soirées à Shanghai' créé par CocoShanghai, 14 Août 2012.

  1. CocoShanghai

    CocoShanghai Apprenti

    10 Août 2012
    Every Wednesday Evening

    Coco club is pleased to host the greatest hip-hop party of all time
    For this exceptional event, the COCO Club team welcomes you for a phat hip-hop music session.
    A must see spot for all fans of Hip-Hop who want to gather, have fun and dance to the best, fresh and brand new Hip-Hop sounds.
    A broad selection of high-class music, way better than the typical styles you would here in the city!!
    As usual for the amateurs of unlimited deals and Open bars, if you get there before 10:30, open champagne for ladies and all you can drink beers for Gentlemen from 9pm to 10:30 pm.

    Please contact Julien, he will guarantee you lots of fun and even better promotions.
    Here is his number +86 1580 1741 644

    P.S: The more people the better
    Hope to see you all soon

    Address 3/F 941 新会路胶州路
    3/F 941 Jiaozhou lu, Xinhui lu

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