Grande vente (dont IQ Air) et open house avant départ fin mars

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31 Jan 2007

Une voisine quitte bientôt Shanghai et vend beaucoup de meubles, des machines IQ Air et des affaires d'enfant. Voici son message:

Open House Moving Sale! – IQ Air(S), Flat Screen TV, Furniture, Kids stuff and more!!
We will be leaving Shanghai soon and are holding a moving sale starting this weekend.
Please come & see… See attachment too.
We are at 1-903 Lakeville at Xin Tian Di, 168 Jinan Lu.
Mar 1-2 & 8-9 : 10am – 6pm
Mar 3-7 : 2pm – 6pm
· Pick up from 1-903 Lakeville at Xin Tian Di, 168 Jinan Lu.
· First come, first served!
· We have 2 x IQ Air Health Pro 250 – one bought in 2011 and pre-max & V5-sell filters have been changed. The other bought last year and no filters changed since.
Any inquiry, contact Takami on 138 1777 3374 or

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