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Grand opening flamingo : New after club

Discussion dans 'Soirées à Shanghai' créé par Zach, 18 Mar 2013.

  1. Zach

    Zach Membre Gold

    8 Mar 2011
    +2 / -0
    [h=5]he Flamingo opens its doors to public ON THE NIGHT OF FRIDAY MARCH 22ND TO SATURDAY MARCH 23RD AT 2 AM.

    The Flamingo is a Miami-style bar and playhouse by Collective Concepts in association with MVP Shanghai who successfully launched Mao & Hollywood, along with some of the most successful events in Shanghai such as Pervert Party and Official Fashion TV party.

    The design and concept fit those willing to act and feel like a Miami King Pin, and be the king of the night…for a night! Step into this ‘gangster’s paradise’ and be prepared to be blown away!

    The Flamingo will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, and will feature very special adult-only entertainment in early hours of the night, leading up to the after-hour madness starting at 2am. Special VIP privileges available to the chosen ones – find out what it’s all about!
    Table reservation : 13916489071

    Address: 390 Shaanxi nan rd, fuxing rd - 1st floor

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