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26 Mai 2018

I'm a French Security & Software Engineer with 5 years of work experience.

I've mainly worked in startup environments which has allow me to develop my skills on several domains. Frontend and Backend web development, mobile application and domain specific application development for the technical part.
In few words:

- I know how to be autonomous as how to works efficiently in team.
- I've excellent planning and organization capabilities.
- I've a creative and analytics mind, capable of understand and define application specifications.
- I know how to quickly ramp-up on new technologies, frameworks, I've the horse power.
- I'm proficient in Software Engineering, very familiar with Object Oriented paradigm, design patterns and SOLID programming.
- I've Android/Java native and hybrid development knowledge (2+ years of experiences)
- I've experiences in Frontend/Backend web development, RESTFul API design and implementation, relational and document-oriented databases (SQL/NoSQL)
- I'm comfortable with Agile process
- I've in depth understanding of application security needs, secure software development cycle.
- I've Devops capabilities, I've already works with jenkins, gradle, ant, grunt, gulp, ansible, etc.
- I know Linux server administration and hardening, bash, awk scripting.

For the educational part, I've completed a master at IN'TECH INFO (Group ESIEA) in Software Engineering. During the last two years of the formation I shared my time facing real challenging tech problems by working for a company (4 days / week) and school (1 day / week).
Next, I followed a formation specialized in the domain of Information and Security (ESIEA; Not validated yet).

I'm leaded by passion of new technologies, security and coding. I know how to transform an idea into software specifications, design and perform its development.
I'm always ready for challenges and I'm actively looking for full-time job in Beijing.

My contact information:
- Email: aurelien.roose[at]gmail[dot]com
- WeChat: stars_416

Don't hesitate to contact me to have more details!

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