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French Tutor Wanted

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces - Pékin Divers' créé par monad, 9 Juin 2012.

  1. monad

    monad Apprenti

    9 Juin 2012
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    I am a Chinese student in USA, and just finished a year at University of Oxford. I will be in Beijing June and July. I studied a little French before (half a year). I want to learn French very intensively this summer so I want to find a native French speaker to be my private tutor who is willing to spend three days a week (one hour each day) with me to tutor my French. I will pay in return. If you have tutoring experience, that's even preferable! email:jc26 # rice.edu (replace # with @)

    looking forward to this summer!!!

    (a little about me: I am a history major, focus on European history, so French language is also for my academic study. I have lived in Beijing for over 15 year. I am very interested in political thoughts.)
    #1 monad, 9 Juin 2012
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