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Flatshare /coloc at shanghai!!

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par Kasty, 22 Déc 2009.

  1. Kasty

    Kasty Membre Actif

    22 Déc 2009
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    Hi everyone!!!
    My name is Javier and as I have to go back to Spain, I'd like to find someone to take my room since 1st February!!! The flatshare is with 1 guy and 1 girl, both of them french and students, really nice and funny. The apartment is in linping road in the Rainbow Residence 2, it is a 30th floor, so you can enjoy the views of the Pearl Tower. It has 150 square meters, and the room is really nice. It has a desk (perfect for studying/working) as well as air condition/heater It is very well communicated, just 2 minutes from tube station, and a shopping center just under the compound. In the compound there's also a Gym/ Swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis, golf simulator... welll a lot of stuff just to have a healthy live in shanghai!!!
    Well, the apartment has everything u need, TV, wifi, washing machine, air condition, parking for bikes , there's an house cleaner who comes every week to stablish the order (lol) and to clean everything.
    The best thing of the room is that there's a huuuge window that takes entirely one of the walls, so u can enjoy the very spectacular views.
    The price is 2700 RMB a month, and we pay every 2 months.
    We dont care whether the person who comes is a smoker or not.
    By the way, the apartment is located just 10 minutes from Tongji University!!!

    Contact me for more information to:
    TEF: +86 139 184 080 25 (French/English/Spanish)

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