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Expat Show Shanghai - September 21, 22, 23

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Echanges et Rencontres à Shanghai' créé par pierrevauvillier, 13 Sept 2007.

  1. pierrevauvillier

    pierrevauvillier Membre Bronze

    3 Avr 2007
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    Hello everybody,

    World Events Agency is organizing the first Expat Show Shanghai the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September 2007 at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. OVER 220 Exhibitors!!!

    This exhibition is the first show dedicated to expatriates covering everything you need to know when moving to or living in Shanghai (Education, Health, Housing, Finance, Entertainment…)
    Visit our website wwww.expatshowshanghai.cn, know more about the event, the program and the animations

    · Check out the exhibitors list,
    · Book your Charity Gala ticket,
    · Book a table for the VIP dinner,
    · Upload your CV for the Recruitment Day.

    Register online and receive a FREE Shanghai Explorer Residents’ Guide valued at 200 RMB, a FREE entrance and participate to a huge prize draw.

    The Expat Show is also proud to support key local charities organizations operating in Shanghai by hosting a Charity Gala – Heroes in he Cinema. This event will be held on September 22nd at the Portman Ritz-Carlton.

    This family affair will have entertainment for all ages, food and drink to suit all tastes and a silent auction packed full of surprises. All proceeds will go to local charities operating in Shanghai, such as Heart to Heart, Shanghai Sunrise, Couleurs de Chine, Association Jiajia, A pleines mains…

    Book your ticket now on our website or contact Ms. Fatima Zahra at Fatima@weacn.com or by phone 0086 (0) 21 5111 8275

    DO NOT MISS THE EXPAT SHOW - www.expatshowshanghai.cn

    Pierre Vauvillier
    World Events Agency
    Tel: 5111 8275 +12
  2. Robin FERRIERE

    +0 / -0
    Very cool show

    Hi everybody,

    I confirm the show is getting to be a major event. I can't wait to be there.
    If someone wants to meet another French guy there, please feel free to contact me: robin.ferrriere(a)gmail.com

  3. ajchina

    ajchina Membre Platinum

    12 Avr 2007
    现在在巴黎, 法国
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    C'est un forum français robin, ne te cassses pas pour écrire en anglais c'est pas la peine:MDR:

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