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Executive Assistant / Sales and Business development : Aeronautics

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par michaelpagnoux, 18 Jan 2011.

  1. michaelpagnoux

    michaelpagnoux Apprenti

    27 Oct 2010
    XinHua lu
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    Company description:

    AIRGATE Services is a recently opened consulting company related to the aircraft sector on the Asia market.
    Registered in Hong Kong and based in Shanghai, we provide a large panel of services to European companies who wants to develop their business in Asia.
    We can either do consultancy or representation.
    Our main goal is to secure contracts on direct projects.

    Up to now, we are specialized for Aircraft Cabin Design in the VIP / Private Jet and Corporate / Business Jet market.
    We can offer engineering services for cabin interior completion and products.
    From design to STC certification, we can provide a complete engineering package since we are approved in aeronautical conception A-DOA (Design Organization Approval referenced AP277)
    Aircraft Standard modifications:
    • Aircraft Linings (ceilings, window panel…)
    • Aircraft Structure modifications (standard seat tracks…)
    • Aircraft Systems adaptations (potable water, vacuum, air conditioning)
    Electrical Engineering & Avionics systems
    • Electrical system schematics
    • Wiring Diagrams
    • Electrical load analysis
    Certification - A-DOA agreement
    • All materials requested by the certification authorities.
    • Certification plan.
    • Ground test / flight test.
    • Service bulletin.
    • STC approval.
    Engineering Mechanical Completion
    Stress Engineering calculation and analysis
    STC certification completion, FAA or EASA.
    In addition to breakthrough technology, they’re looking to us for shorter lead times, lower costs, higher reliability, shared risk, and lifetime support. All coupled with the positive attitude and innovative thinking of a real partner.

    As luxury products are booming in China, this emerging market is promised to great expansion in the short future.

    Job Description:

    The executive assistant will act as both business development manager and internal accounting and finance manager.

    He / She will be in charge of:

    Business development and sales
    To formulate business development plans and objectives to ensure maximum potential sales from all regional and international markets.
    • Create new sales leads and identify business opportunities
    ⁃ Originate new customers and markets regionally and internationally
    ⁃ Recommend new initiatives for existing markets.
    ⁃ Engage in international networking to establish and maintain top level contact with the management of existing and potential customers.
    • Prepare and follow up on quotations and contracts in both technical and commercial aspects
    ⁃ Jointly establish pricing policies, credit terms and conditions for sale in negotiation of contractual arrangements.
    • Str0ng interface with marketing and product development to develop the necessary tools, literature, and packaging to support products in the China market.
    ⁃ Assist in administering and preparing proposals, meeting all time schedules and submitting professionally packaged proposals.
    ⁃ Evaluate and recommend if appropriate, participation in exhibitions and trade fairs on the basis of estimated value to the Company.
    • Ensure that all orders and other customer communications are promptly and accurately handled, so that appropriate and timely action can be taken to maintain a high quality customer service.

    Business accounting and finance
    Translation and communication with chinese customers

    Successful applicant profile:

    As a company with great potential, we are looking for outstanding profiles with already achieved success story:
    Bachelors degree in Engineering, Marketing, or related field.  MBA desired. Demonstrated ability to perform the essential functions of the job typically acquired through several years of increasingly responsible aerospace experience.
    Str0ng organizational and planning skills with demonstrated change management process.
    Ability to form Str0ng strategic alliances with customers and business partners.
    Develops customer strategy to position AIRGATE Services for future business opportunities.
    Str0ng knowledge in Accounting.
    Entrepreneur and innovative view, good business analyst.
    Highly motivated, with excellent communication and presentation skills. The position will be required to build high level relationships with customer organizations to achieve value-added sales, and candidates must demonstrate a polished professional image with superior organizational, planning, and verbal/written skills.
    Open minded, well structured character, you know how to influence, and where to focus your energy for greater result.
    Str0ng negotiation skills and ability to build partnerships at the senior corporate level.
    Native Chinese, Taiwanese or Hong-Kong national you are Bilingual english, ready to learn technical vocabulary of the aircraft industry.
    French knowledge is necessary.
    A steady network and portfolio in the industry is a plus to succeed at this position. The ideal candidate will be ambitious and ready for a challenge.

    Please reply with your resume in Word (.doc) format with your online application. A cover letter summarizing experience against above qualifications is strongly recommended.
    Michael PAGNOUX
    AIRGATE Services
  2. lafoy-china

    lafoy-china Alpha & Oméga
    Membre du personnel

    8 Mar 2009
    Hong-Kong - Dongguan - Beijing - Paris - London
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    Je ne suis pas interesse par le poste mais , je suis en relation commerciale intense vente et QC avec une Ste Chinoise qui produit des Vehicules speciaux pompiers pour les Aeroports ,gamme complete sur base , Mercedes Actros,Man,Scania, etc..., les equipement specifiques pour combattre les incendies sont d'origine europeennes ,les carrosseries et les assemblages realises en Chine, et egalement des camions citernes avitailleurs .
    Gardez moi dans vos contacts mails on ne sait jamais .



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