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Event: 48h start-up - From 6th to 8th June in Beijing!

Discussion dans 'Pékin sortir, écouter, voir' créé par Auderui, 2 Mai 2014.

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    2 Mai 2014
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    The JCEFP (Jeune Chambre Économique des Français de Pékin / French Junior Economic Chamber of Beijing) is organizing the second edition of the “48 Hour Start-Up” event, which will take place from June 6th to June 8th 2014 in Niwotata Future Hub, Co-working incubator in the Chaoyang District of Beijing.

    What is the 48 Hour Start-Up event?
    48 Hour Start-Up is an event promoting entrepreneurship. This event aims at gathering high-profile professionals and students to network and take part in the exciting challenge of shaping a start-up over 48 hours.

    Participants from complementary backgrounds (designers, developers, businessmen, engineers…) will work together around selected business ideas benefiting from dynamism and creativity of their teammates. On Sunday afternoon, all groups will have the opportunity to pitch their innovative venture to a panel of investors.

    You want to be an entrepreneur?

    You have an idea, but you do not know how to implement it? You are looking for skilled partners to help you outline tomorrow’s success story?

    You have skills, but you do not know how to leverage them? You have passion but you lack opportunity?

    You want to be part of a great adventure? 48 Hour Start-Up awaits you!

    Meet the right people in the right environment!

    Along the weekend, coaches, investors and entrepreneurs will come to give advice to start-up-ers. On Sunday night, the jury will decide on the opportunity whether to invest or not in the start-ups. And some do grab some investment!

    Participants will have the pleasure to meet with successful entrepreneurs such as Yanling Duan (Founder of Dui}A Media & Communication, Co-founder of Niwotata Future Hub), Ludovic Bodin (CEO of CMUNE), Shlomo Freund (Founder of AppInChina.co, Founder of StartupNoodle.com, Mentor at CHINACCELERATOR) .

    How does it work?

    Students, graduates and professionals are all welcome to participate to this event that will be held in English. A financial participation of 200 RMB is required, and students benefit from a discount, with a 120 RMB ticket fee.

    After pitching ideas on Friday evening (June 6th), all the participants will vote for their favorite projects. If your project is selected, you can form your own team on-site and let the adventure begin! During the next two days, the start-up-ers will focus on workshop and mentoring and at the end of the weekend, the best team wins a prize!

    A team of passionate people who believes in entrepreneurship and innovation

    Thanks to our main sponsor Niwotata Future Hub, we are able to offer you a great event! Within a short walk distance from major entrepreneurships, Niwotata Future Hub is providing us with its fantastic offices in the heart of the Beijing’s Business Center (CBD). This event is also organized with the precious help of Bull, Daxue Consulting, Limagrain China, MySimax, as well as Crêpanini, and Jacquet.

    Winner prize

    Niwotata Future Hub will generously offer the winning start-up a free 6-month membership so they can continue to innovate and establish their idea in their co-working space and conference rooms.

    An awesome opportunity to implement your project in a creative environment and benefit from the help of successful entrepreneurs!




    JCEF Bejing website: http://www.jcef-pekin.fr

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jcef.pekin

    Venue:NIWOTATA FUTURE HUB, Co-working incubator in CBD, Loft 1 East, I-Culture Park,

    NO.29 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

    Preliminary estimated schedule (subject to modifications):

    Friday, June 6th: selection of ideas & networking (6.30 pm-10 pm)

    Saturday, June 7th: workshop & mentoring (9 am-10 pm)

    Sunday, June 8th: workshop & final presentation in front of the panel (9 am-9.30 pm)

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