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espace coworking pour expat proche de xujiahui

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par indy-go, 11 Oct 2013.

  1. indy-go

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    11 Oct 2013
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    We're looking for a few individuals who want to share our new co-working space. The price of RMB 1100 per person includes your own desk area, a big cabinet to store your things, unlimited coffee, all utilities, 100 Mbps Fiber Internet connection, and tasteless hijinks from other members of our co-working space!

    Description of Our Space.

    The 150 sqm ground floor has a large common area flanked by three smaller rooms used for work and meetings in addition to a restroom and a small kitchenette with a fridge, washing basin, and coffee counter but no stove. The decor is minimalist and modern with a touch of chinoiserie and our three-times-a-week ayi schedule keeps the premise pristine. Right outside is our small private green garden accessible from the common room. All the pictures are from this ground floor area.

    The newest 128 sqm expansion above is still under renovation until Oct. 16th. There will be another huge common room with three more rooms plus a second restroom branching off from the core. It's here that we want to recreate a Silicon Valley look and feel. We plan to have beanbag chairs (in addition to regular furniture), a Xbox 360, and a pingpong table. At least the walls of one room will be tagged with graffiti. This floor is under heavy renovation so we don't have pictures to share at the moment.

    We are located about 5 minutes northeast of Yishan Lu (lines 9, 3, 4) and 8 minutes southeast of Hongqiao Lu (lines 10, 3, 4). Xujiahui is about 15 minutes walk away.

    Who We Are.

    We currently have 11 members with eight guys and three girls. Our backgrounds are diverse with four members from the US, one from France, one from Poland, one from Germany, one from Canada, and three from China. We work in design, photography, programming, education, and some of us are startup entrepreneurs. Although our office can theoretically fit a lot more people, we prefer a low density, high fun work environment. We can't stand the traditional cubicle setup.

    Who We're Looking For.

    Basically we're looking for creative individuals who are freelancers or startup entrepreneurs. You can stay as little as a month although we prefer you stay at least two or three months so that our community is not always in transition. You can join as an individual or as a member of a group of two or three. We're pretty chill so if you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to contact us.

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