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  2. Il est important d'être conscient que le statut de stagiaire n'existe pas réellement pour les étrangers dans la plupart des provinces de Chine.

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Offre Emploi English to Spanish/(or) Italian/(or) German translator and PR editor (ideal > study-abroad student)

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par daviidenchine, 8 Sept 2013.

  1. daviidenchine

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    17 Juin 2011
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    What we do :

    EmilyAPP (www.emily-app.com) is a young Shanghai-based start-up that provides offline travel applications to Chinese tourists along with easy-to-use discount coupons.

    EmilyAPP was ranked 2nd at the 2013 Mobileexpo Start-up competition :

    The person we are looking for :

    In order to enter new European markets (Spain, Italy and Switzerland in a first step) EmilyAPP is now looking for someone who speaks and writes :

    - native Spanish and fluent English

    - native German and fluent English

    -native Italian and fluent English
    Job Requirements :

    - you are living in Shanghai

    - you are a student or you are looking for a part-time job that is flexible enough (you will only need to respect the deadlines, but do not need to work at specific hours)
    Assignments to carry out :

    - translate press releases

    - write press releases (if you are able to)

    - management of the content of the website and of the press release on the website

    Salary and conditions :

    - 65RMB an hour

    - work at home is possible but meetings from time to time (every month or so) will be needed
    - a training on EmilyAPP (what it is, how it works, what is the business model) will be provided after a first 10 hours trial of working time
    - this part-time job could be, down the road, transformed into an internship, a part-time job or a full time job in PR relations and business development with EmilyAPP depending on your performance and motivation

    -great opportunity to learn how to use internet to create business leads, develop business and increase customer base
    To get an idea of what you will do, have a look at the following video :


    Call us! Send us an email!

    Contact (at) emily-app (dot) com


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