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Engineering work experience course

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Hong Kong & Stages' créé par Alice M., 30 Décembre 2009.

  1. Alice M.

    Alice M. Membre Actif

    30 Décembre 2009
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    I am a French engineering student of “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Douai”, preparing for a masters degree in engineering (graduation expected in 2012).
    To end my year, I have to carry out a 3-month work experience course (from 15th May to 15th August). As I am really interested by construction, I hope to manage to have a work experience in building.

    Dynamic, involved in the school life, I have been part of team and sometimes lead it. That has given to me the necessary experience of team work. Very interested by languages, to work in a foreign country is also a way to be open minded and meet different people.

    I learn English, Spanish and Chinese. I have already made two exchanges in Asia (Shanghai and Singapore). I would be glad to find a work experience course in China in order to improve my Chinese.

    Alice MAGAND

    I may give you a CV if you want to.
  2. jerryshen427

    jerryshen427 Membre Bronze

    18 Août 2009
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    Ancien de Mines de Nantes, bon courage:D


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