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engeneer trainee in factory

Discussion dans 'Annonces Emploi à Canton et Stages' créé par runwin, 25 Jan 2010.

  1. runwin

    runwin Membre Actif

    25 Jan 2010
    Electrical engeneer in Chinese factories
    Runwin is a factory based in Zhuhai (Guandong Province) producing outdoor heaters since 2000.
    Runwin focus to export the products to Europe, USA and Japan www.cnrunwin.com
    Technology of the outdoors heaters is Halogen, Carbon tubes.
    The factory has more than 100 workers and a team a 2 Enegenneer and 4 technicians.
    Runwin is looking for an elcetrical engeneer for 6 months or more
    Starting : March 2010. Working 5 days a week from 8.00 to 5 :30pm. Chinese national hollidays.
    Position based in Zhuhai (Guandong province) (45 min away from city center) inside the production plant. Food provided but no accomodation on site.

    Electrical Engeneer
    Project Management : Research and development of the new products (do the technical drawing together with the marketing team, find the suppliers with the buyer, prototype making, follow up tool making and produce some samples).
    Approval Testing for GS/CE/UL: After the samples has been confirmed and ordered by customers follow the technical tests and process together with the lab (KEMA & ITS) .
    Quality :check the quality of the production or the samples produced. Improve the quality of the products and the factory process.
    Serious, Hard working.
    Need to be open mind and take initiative.
    Former experience in China required. Working language is Mandarin,
    Proficiency in Office. Autocad. Solid work. ProE
    The trainee will be working with the other engeneer of the factory (2 people/ in chinese only) under the responsability of the factory manager (english/ chinese speaking).
    Will also work together with the sales manager for the products development.
    3500 rmb/ month (Lunch provided on site).
    Insurance, visas and transportation must be paid by the trainee.
    Please send your resume and cover letter to sales@cnrunwin.com


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