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Offre Emploi [Emploi et Stage] Localization Specialist

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par R2Greg, 21 Août 2014.

  1. R2Greg

    R2Greg Apprenti

    25 Fev 2014
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    Notre entreprise spécialisée dans la localisation de jeux vidéo chinois à l'étranger recrute actuellement un ou deux natif(s) français au département de localisation. L'anglais courant ainsi qu'une véritable passion pour les jeux vidéo sont indispensables. Un niveau en mandarin élevé est également un énorme plus. Nous recherchons une ou deux personnes pour un temps plein, et nous pouvons également offrir un stage à un étudiant souhaiter percer dans cette branche.

    Ci-après, la description de l'emploi ainsi que les critères recherchés.


    Join the Localization - QA department and help maintain and build our gaming platform, with the mission of offering the best gaming experience for our players. As a QA Specialist, your main job is to make sure game updates are translated, tested, edited and released in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining a certain standard of quality. You will be required to build and maintain relationships with Chinese co-workers as these are essential in making sure each of our processes run as smoothly as possible both currently and in future projects.



    · Translate, test, polish, and maintain multiple games at once.

    · Manage time to tackle assignments effectively, completing all tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

    · Adapt to frequent changes in schedules and testing plans.

    · Inquire daily from the products department on what changes, if any, there are with the content schedule.

    · Understand the fundamentals of game publishing and what is required of you in that process.

    · Maintain a positive team atmosphere with peers and management.

    · Collaborate and build healthy relationships with your project teams.

    · Assist other QA Specialists on your team with products when necessary.

    · Communicate directly with Team Lead.


    • Be hands-on with all day-to-day testing.
    • Report, track and update bugs daily in respective game database.
    • Check game forums daily for players reporting functional and language issues.


    • Translate content material.
    • Maintain and regularly update change logs for games you handle.
    • Correctly make changes recorded in the change log to the language pack when available.
    • Edit and polish activity document requests from products department.
    • Create patch notes and guides for newly released content when necessary.


    Game industry knowledge & experience

    · Experience - Gaming industry experience desired.

    · Tools - Previous experience with bug tracking and office software (MantisBT, Jira, MS Office, etc).

    • Gaming history - Should have a track record of playing video games, whether console, client, browser or mobile, preferably MMORPGs.
    • Basic system knowledge - Should know all basic game systems (Forge, Guild, Ancient Tree, etc) as all games have these systems whether they’re under the same name or not.
    • Industry knowledge - Should know basic gaming terminology and acronyms (MMO, HP, MP, DPS, AoE). Should also know popular and iconic games from a variety of genres.

    Eye for detail - Should have an extreme eye for detail. Should be able to catch (and enjoy catching) issues with grammar, language, punctuation and game functionality.

    Str0ng writing background - Should enjoy writing, editing and re-editing work, whether it is from scratch or from an outside source. A Str0ng writing “voice” is also strongly desired.

    Versatility - As a co-publisher for Chinese developers, we manage and maintain a great number of products. It is necessary to know what your priorities as a QA Specialist are, but also have the ability to think outside the box when necessary.

    Time management - Should know how to manage time accordingly and be able to manage multiple projects at once. Ideal candidates should know how to weigh certain tasks and projects based on priority.

    Design background - Should know design basics in order to configure, reconfigure, stretch, or move various panels and interfaces in-game when possible. This is a particularly critical skill during the early stages of game development.

    Down to earth - It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work, last minute requests and changes; thus, it is important to have a hard-working personality but with the ability to step back when necessary. Having an eye for detail is key, but being able to let go when necessary and not beat yourself up about it is very important in maintaining a healthy and productive working lifestyle.

    Curiosity - Should not be afraid to ask questions. In order to keep the lines of communication solid across departments, questions must be asked on a regular basis.

    Big picture mentality - Should know how to see the big picture as there will be multiple projects, issues and tasks at any given time.

    Contact :
    Envoyez un mail avec le CV (au moins anglais, français si vous avez) à : celia@r2games.com

    Le mail devra lui être impérativement rédigé en anglais ou en chinois.

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