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17 Déc 2014
Company: TECHNOCHINA Industries Co., Ltd. – ALTYOR Group

Location : SHANGHAI

Starting Date: April 2017

Duration : 3-4 months (technician internship)

TECHNOCHINA, an ALTYOR Group’s subsidiary, is a French industrial company specialized in the contract design & manufacturing of multi-technology products; mainly in IoT (various areas: safety, health, music, home automation...) for European/US market. The company currently employs around 200 people.

Job Responsibilities:

As part of the NPI team led by the Project Manager, the Electronic Failure Analyst focuses on the analysis of the default root causes of parts in electronic products (PCBA, Battery, Cable, motor, PSU, test bench…), creates a troubleshooting manual and works closely with EMS suppliers as well as on site production to implement an corrective action plan.

  1. Sort out all default products by failure type and create a Pareto diagram

  2. Analyze each failure type in order of importance based on the Pareto diagram

  3. Propose, test and validate corrective actions for each failure type

  4. Create a troubleshooting manual for all verified corrective actions

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree in electronics (or equivalent) or 4th year of master degree in electronics

  2. Written and spoken English (TOEIC, more than 780)

  3. Familiar with electronic debug tools (multimeter, oscilloscope, network analyzer…)

  4. Accrued proactivity, dynamism, organization, autonomy, communication & coordination, team-spirit skills & Customer oriented.

  5. Oral Chinese is a plus

  6. First experience in OEM/manufacturing Company as electronic failure analyst is a plus

Contact : Karen MURCIANO (

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