Electric motorbike for Sale 2000RMB



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03 Juin 2009
Bonjour à tous !

Because I'm leaving China, I'm selling my motorbike which I bought last year. It has changed my life in BJ, and has been very reliable up to now ! Just got batteries stolen once, and then I installed a tailored metal lock to block the batteries and never got any problem since then.

Bought in 2012 4500RMB
Str0ng power = 1000W, speed up to 50kmh
Large battery = 5 units, 60V 20Ah, autonomy up to 80km, 70km when it's cold
Digital speed meter
Front and back disk brakes
3 speeds
Metal anti-theft lock for batteries
Current batteries are 6 months old, still running very well

Selling 2000RMB !

Tell me if you're interested (one eight seven zero one three three 9154), or snokoflan (at) yahoo (dot) com


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