Dog keeper service

ChOcOlaT à La FoLie

ChOcOlaT à La FoLie

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25 Mar 2016
somewhere in shanghai
(Advertisement for my friend so please contact her directly not me.)

Having a dog as your most close and loyal companion, but worrying about the upcoming Chinese new year, or simply planning a one-week holiday?

With a three-year continuous experience with dogs, I offer my services across dog keeping, education, grooming, medicine attribution, anti-stress massage, outdoor walking (3 times a day), outdoor playing (in nearby parks under a comfortable weather, e.g. warm temperature, good air quality etc.).

With dogs at my place, which is 100% cage free, in a ground floor apartment (brought so no landlord complaining), with a cute closed garden behind. You could finally feel relaxed to enjoy the private location, and no worry for your best friends under 24h warm care here in Shanghai with my family.
(video camera for safety working all the time,photos and videos will be often send to you.)

Book early to ensure a place, from 80RMB by night.

My service is available for other animals as rodents, reptiles, etc. Contact me for more information or by text for fast reply +86-185-1658-0708