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DIRECTEUR PROGRAME - credit-loyaute-grand compte

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Tang, 2 Août 2009.

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    12 Fev 2008
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    Context: Banque Accord is a France based international financial institution specialised in consumer credit and credit cards, 100% owned by Auchan Group. It is launching its activities in China focussing on the distribution of financial products through retail distribution channels.In China, Banque Accord is active through Accord Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, a 100% owned vehicle, developing partnerships with Chinese and international financial institutions for the distribution of financial products and services such as the Auchan Red Bird Credit Card (www.auchanka.com), RT Mart Member Long Card, insurance products, and others under development.
    Auchan Group is a French based Fortune 500 Cy, and a world leading retail group focussing on mass distribution.

    Banque Accord Group is recruiting, for Accord Business Consulting Co. in Shanghai
    Program Director (Reporting to CEO)

    Job Description/Responsibility:
    The Program Director is in charge of one of the key partnerships and co-brand card programs within Accord China.In this role you will have, in close proximity with Accord China CEO, to conduct lead and develop one of the two key businesses of the company, run in partnership with leading Chinese banks and a major mass-market retailer.You will also closely coordinate and integrate with other business teams and functions to generate a positive cash flow for the projects of your responsibility, and more importantly, for the company as a whole.Responsible for a core existing co-brand card program, you will be expected to maximize the current partnership performance and lead the partnerships and the partners using deep business model insight and strategic vision, as well as an understanding of each partner’s priorities, needs, and constraints.You will also be expected to facilitate and create additional business opportunities for our company in the same key retail environment or towards the same customer base, initially, and in a medium term perspective with new players in the industry.As a key executive within Accord China, you will be expected to be a strategic thinker and a talented relational player, however with a sense of operational realities and a capacity and willingness to look in-store process retail details when quality at ground becomes a key to success.As a senior manager, you are expected to play an important role in team development. You are expected to share your experience with your colleagues by providing internal trainings, formally or informally. You may also involve in recruiting, performance appraisal and other HR related activities.Objectives:profitability: You must ensure the profitability and positive cash flows for projects you are responsible of. This objective can be expressed through sales targets and careful cost controls on existing projects, and on projects you initiate.
    Positive Partner relationship: The success of the role depends on positive relationship with our partners.
    Age: 32 – 40
    Nationality: Chinese, Taiwanese, French, or others
    Language: Native or equivalent level of Mandarin and English; French would be very appreciated.
    Computer skills: Conversant and easy user of calculation spreadsheets (excel) and presentation software (PPT), comfortable with emails and instant communication tools, internet social website and web2.0.
    Industry backgrounds of interest: banking and/or mass-market retailing and/or CRM, with experience on credit-card, co-branding, consumer finance, prepaid-card, consumer services and/ or loyalty project
    Previous positions: could be (but not limited to) in business development, key account management, program management, commercial director, marketing & merchandising, direct sales channel management, and other relevant experience. You have been in senior management position for minimum five years.

    Global View: Able to put individual projects into a global picture. And hence, formulate strategies and implementation plans.
    Result Orientated: Manage P/L of individual projects as well as of business unit. Be comfortable with figures.
    Interpersonal Skills: Managing relationship with our partners as well as with colleagues. Be able to convince sometimes Str0ng personalities to reach our objectives.
    Leadership: You will be an internal client supported by the company’s commercial and functional teams and shall clearly set the goals to be collaborated by all to achieve the target results for the programs and partnership for which you will be responsible. You will have delegated authority from the CEO and his full support to mobilize company’s teams to this purpose.
    Perspectives:The incumbent having demonstrated in such position his capacity to both:
    - drive the program strategically and align partners and our company’s interests ;
    - and ensure flawless execution on the ground to identify and resolve, with the Commercial and Marketing Directors, the success at an operating level ;
    will have made the proof of his capacity to hold the most senior executive functions within our China organization.
    email candidacies to: lilyzhou@accord-consulting.com.cn
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