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Offre Emploi Design Director located in Shanghai

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Emploi à Shanghai et Stages' créé par Bertrand.F, 15 Mar 2016.

  1. Bertrand.F

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    3 Oct 2012
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    Design director

    Deli is a world leading stationary company located in Ninghai. In order to launch an attractive international product offer, we’d like to set up one designer team located in Shanghai. We are looking for candidates to manage this new structure.

    1 Summary
    This experienced and creative design professional will set up a Str0ng design team located in shanghai. His task will be to provide Str0ng leader ship in Deli design spirit, to manage the overseas design structure to reach tight targets, to develop all the graphical elements for new product launches including the related marketing material and to respect the visual identity settled by the brand worldwide.

    2 Responsibilities
    § Lead and manage the design team: Assign project and lead projects to reach the target determined by the head office. Train and evaluate designer to continuously improve the efficiency of the design team.

    § Provide interesting insight: to the head office and the designer team to improve the visual identity of the brand.

    § Work closely with the Marketing team: to well understand Deli head office needs and develop compelling visual concept in accordance with its expectation.

    § Ensure a consistency: for the design of Deli product offer worldwide that succeed to attract our customers.

    § Work with our branches: to relay this visual identity to our branches design team and make sure that they respect it in their local development.

    § Effectively support: Projects and designer teams and show creativity, effective oral & written communication, listen and decision making skill.

    § Make recommendation: to the top management regarding the design resource, the workflow, the process and insight to improve the team efficiency, quality and profitability.

    3 Background requirement
    § Experience in managing a graphic team would be a serious plus

    § Bachelor degree in graphic design

    § 5 years’ experience in marketing or communication

    § Knowledge in art direction, color theory, layout and composition

    § Good oral and written communication skills in English

    § Good oral communication in Mandarin is a Str0ng plus

    § Ability to well manage multiple projects within tight deadlines

    § Aptitude to interact with all levels of management

    4 Specific skills
    § Proficiency with Adobe creative suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator).

    § A Str0ng knowledge on FMCG design for both products and packaging.

    § A good acquaintance with FMCG packaging.

    Thanks to send email to the following address if you’re interested:


    Thanks to enclose as well an artwork portfolio with a total size that will not exceed 10MB.

    Package to be negotiate.

    Deli's team

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