Des motives pour Sonic Youth le 24/04 ?


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01 Nov 2006
Sonic Youth debarque a Shanghai le 24/04, est ce qu'il y a des motives pour y aller ?

A+ et vive le rock and roll :)
Moi Moi!! Super groupe, Sonic Youth.

C'est où? C'est quand? C'est combien?
S[SIZE=-1]hanghai Concert Hall, 24 April. 523 Yan'an Dong Lu (near Xizang Lu)[/SIZE]

Bizoo beaute, ptain meme pas une mini jupe jsuis vener de chez ..... ba vener

ok je so
il passe "ce soir au piccone":)
ok pas drole.. je sors!

vas y fous toi bien de ma gueule, je te prends au mot. rien n' est impossible pour le Bernard Tapie de Shanghai

--------------Email au manager des Sonic Youth--------------

From Laurent

Subject: Sonic Youth in Shanghai

My name is Laurent,
I am one of the owner of the Piccone Pub in Shanghai, China
It is a place where we invite all kind of bands to have a drink and meet with music lovers.
A lot of musicians are coming to that pub.
I was wondering if Sonic Youth performing on April 24th in our city could come for a visit to our pub.
The adress is Dongping lu / Yueyang lu.Very close to the concert room
have a visit to our site Lien retiré
Tell me if it is possible. Would be nice for our customers and us to meet each other in this " brand new musical country" .
+86 13xxxxxxxx

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