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"Death by GPS"

Discussion dans 'Bistrot Chine du "Lotus Bleu"' créé par Orang Malang, 6 Mai 2016.


Quel type de "navigateur" êtes-vous ?

  1. Je trouve ma destination et je suis aveuglement les instructions du GPS

    0 vote(s)
  2. Je trouve ma destination mais j'observe mon environnement, tout en suivant les instructions

    6 vote(s)
  3. Je trouve ma destination en plus d'étudier mon parcours sur une carte

    7 vote(s)
  4. Je n'utilise pas de GPS (Je me repère suivant le soleil ou les étoiles)

    1 vote(s)
  5. Je laisse aux autres le soin de m'emmener d'un point A à un point B

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  6. Je ne sors jamais de chez moi, je n'arrive déjà pas à retrouver ma cuisine ...

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  1. Orang Malang

    Orang Malang Alpha & Oméga
    Membre du personnel Modérateur

    23 Oct 2005
    Article en anglais mais je trouve que les études et les résultats sont assez intéressants ...

    V-P-N nécessaire ...

    One early morning in March 2011, Albert Chretien and his wife, Rita, loaded their Chevrolet Astro van and drove away from their home in Penticton, British Columbia. Their destination was Las Vegas, where Albert planned to attend a trade show. They crossed the border and, somewhere in northern Oregon, they picked up Interstate 84.

    The straightest route would be to take I-84 to Twin Falls, Idaho, near the Nevada border, and then follow US Route 93 all the way to Vegas. Although US 93 would take them through Jackpot, Nevada, the town near the Idaho state line where they planned to spend the first night, they looked at a roadmap and decided to exit I-84 before that junction. They would choose a scenic road less traveled, Idaho State Highway 51, which heads due south away from the I-84 corridor, crossing the border several miles to the west. The Chretiens figured there had to be a turnoff from Idaho 51 that would lead them east to US 93.

    Albert and Rita had known each other since high school. During their thirty-eight years of marriage, they had rarely been apart. They even worked together, managing their own small excavation business. A few days before the trip, Albert had purchased a Magellan GPS unit for the van. They had not yet asked it for directions, but their plan wasn’t panning out. As the day went on and the shadows grew longer, they were not finding an eastward passage. They decided it was time to consult the Magellan. Checking their roadmap, they determined the nearest town was Mountain City, Nevada, so they entered it as the destination into their GPS unit. The directions led them onto a small dirt road near an Idaho ghost town and eventually to a confusing three-way crossroads. They chose the one that seemed to point in the direction they wanted to go. And here their troubles began.

    If Albert had been navigating the route in the daytime, he might have noticed that it was taking them through the high desert as it rose toward shimmering snowy peaks in the distance. In the dark, the changes were so subtle that they barely registered. And besides, he was on a road—“a pretty good road,” the Elko County sheriff would later say, that “slowly goes bad.” Through the night, it carried them higher into the Jarbidge Mountains, deeper into the backcountry. The road twisted, dipped, rose again, skirting canyons walled with sagebrush. It was the kind of terrain for which the Chretiens’ van was not designed.

    Several days passed before their family and friends realized that Albert and Rita had never arrived at the trade show. The couple had not informed anyone of their detour, so nobody knew where to look for them. The manhunt involved police agencies in four states, scouring 3,000 miles of highway, with the most intense efforts in eastern Oregon, where they had used a credit card in a convenience store. On April 8, just shy of three weeks since Albert Chretien left Highway 51, authorities announced they were scaling back search and rescue efforts, a tacit admission that wherever the Chretiens had gone, it was too late to find them.

    La suite ...

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  2. ChrisHK

    ChrisHK Dieu suprême

    27 Déc 2013
    Hong Kong et Shanghai
    Il y a quelques années, Google Maps proposait bien un itinéraire voiture pour rallier Taiwan depuis la Chine....


    Faudrait demander à @chwpaul de tester l’itinéraire....:grin:
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  3. why

    why Dieu créateur

    26 Déc 2010
    Très bon article.

    Arstechnica, c'est du costaud.
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