Danse de ventre / Belly Dance

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Jazz du Funk News!

Belly Dance classes for adults!

Starting 18th of June !


with Jacy De Sao Pedro from Brazil

Tuesdays 20:00 - 21:00

Saturdays 16:30 - 17:30

Sundays 15:00 - 16:00

Jacy De Sao Pedro was born in Salvador de Bahia (Brasil). She starts to attend different dancing schools, from Afro-Brasilian to jazz and contemporary dance. During this first stage of her training she gets interested in different styles of dance engaging in the study of many of them. She joins the “Bahia folk dance” school staging many live shows. In 1992, she begins the studies of oriental dance, part of which is in Salvador de Bahia, and Sao Paolo (Brasil), where one of the biggest Syrian-Lebanese community of Latin America lives. In 1994 she moves to Italy where she continues her artistic training. She also travels frequently to Cairo (Egypt) to attend many oriental dance stages with famous teachers of this discipline.From 1996 she starts an intense activity in the oriental dance in Rome where she performs in many shows, both on TV and on stage; her activity of dancer brings her to travel throughout Italy and other countries: France, Germany, England, Spain, Egypt and Brasil. From 2003 she starts also to hold classes in Rome, enlarging her activity from dancer to teacher for different schools. In 2004 she is in Shanghai to stage several belly dancing shows during the musical event “Roman Holiday”, which took place in Shanghai’s Pudong from September to October.

TEL: +8621 62533410
Fax: +8621 62561272

6th Fl, BLD 2, 412 Wei Hai Lu, Shanghai 200041(Shi Men Yi Lu)
上海市威海路412号2号楼6楼(石门一路), 200041