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Cours Francais, maths, anglais par etudiant de hku

Discussion dans 'Business en Chine : Annonces' créé par matlm3, 28 Nov 2009.

  1. matlm3

    matlm3 Membre Actif

    28 Nov 2009
    hong kong
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    I’m a student at Hong Kong university doing an exchange year from Royal Holloway, University of London . I am 19 years old, have a baccaulaureat degree, IELTS and one year of pure mathematics back in England behing me as well as a few hours of private tutoring back in London.

    Being a french national and having lived more than 14 years in engish speaking countries, I offer my services tutoring English, French and Mathematics hourly in Hong Kong.
    I'm creative, nice and patient, I easily adapt to any kind of situations.
    I will be willing to teach in any area located on either Hong Kong Island or Kowloon side as long as the area is easily accessible (closeby an MTR station).

    I live in Pok Fu Lam in front of HKU.

    You can reach my on : (852) 938 693 24

    Do not hesitate to contact me


    Matthieu le Mintier

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