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Conference on “Improving maintenance in China” (Chengdu, April 17)

Discussion dans 'Chengdu & le Sichuan' créé par Blhopiteau, 11 Avr 2013.

  1. Blhopiteau

    Blhopiteau Apprenti

    31 Jan 2012
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    CCIFC (French Chamber of Commerce in China) Chengdu is pleased to invite you to the next Construction & Maintenance Working Group meeting on the topic: Improving maintenance in China on Wednesday, April 17th.

    The meeting will be presented by Bruno Lhopiteau from Siveco China. Bruno will explore the typical lifecycle of an industrial plant in China and offer his insights of “maintenance with Chinese characteristics” based on his 12-year experience running maintenance improvement projects in the country.

    Conference in English.


    April 17th


    EUPIC, 6F, West Building, La De Fang Si, 1480 Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu

    CCIFC Members: free of charge
    CCIFC non Members: 50 RMB

    Confirm participation to: aniel.nathalie@ccifc.org

    About our speaker

    Bruno Lhopiteau is the General Manager of Siveco China, the country’s largest maintenance consultancy (www.sivecochina.com). Siveco China chose Chengdu to open its first office outside of Shanghai in 2012. Bruno came to China in 1998, for a paper mill project in Suzhou, and has since been involved in hundreds of projects all over the country. He is active with the various international chambers, where he initiated and still coordinates various working groups: the Construction & Maintenance workgroup at CCIFC, the Maintenance working group at EUCCC Nanjing and the Facility Management / Industrial Services roundtable at the EUCCC Shanghai. Bruno is also on the board of several high-tech and service companies operating in the Chinese maintenance and infrastructure market.
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