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Commerce de AMD ;-)

Discussion dans 'Bistrot Chine du "Lotus Bleu"' créé par Orang Malang, 26 Nov 2010.

  1. Orang Malang

    Orang Malang Alpha & Oméga
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    23 Oct 2005
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    Commerce de WMD ;-)

    Nécessite un V-P-N .... Au moins depuis chez moi ....

    Cute Hello Kitty Peacekeeper Missile (300KT) * EMS Express


    United States Customers Only: due to new regulations enforced by the US FDA and PayPal, orders of >100KT nuclear devices shipped to the United States are no longer accepted. Orders that were previously accepted and unshipped will be cancelled and refunded to customers. This affects United States orders only.

    Important FDA Warning for all >100KW Nuclear Devices: FDA advices all customers that these weapons may be purchased only if you are NOT a citizen of the United States and you are NOT currently living in the United States.

    - Caution: due to production limitations, the factory can only deliver 1 x 300KT warhead per month. DX recommend customers to contact us and check current status before purchasing.

    - Product demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCSoN1tgmgU
    - Cold Launch Facility (Less damage to launch silo)
    - Safety key lock master switch
    - Clicky on/off secondary switch on the side
    - Protective sliding silo cover
    - Hard Target weapon (Accurate Thermonuclear)
    - "Hidden" warhead ratings label (hidden inside battery compartment)
    - The usual radiation hazard warning label does not contain warhead yield
    - Burns paper, matches, plastic bags, buildings, missile silos, people etc (of virtually any color)
    - Pops balloons (of virtually any color)
    - 18659 rechargeable lithium battery powered (included)
    - Protective goggles included (useless)
    - Carrying case included
    - 100~240V AC battery charger included
    - All credits to masuka_dan (original idea and pictures)
    #1 Orang Malang, 26 Nov 2010
    Dernière édition: 26 Nov 2010
  2. Brunooo

    Brunooo Membre Silver

    5 Juil 2010
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    haha ,

    Usage Instructions

    Do not aim at face!

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