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Colocation à Tianhe, Guangzhou‏(Canton),Chambre à louer dans appartement- colocataire

Discussion dans 'Petites annonces Canton & Shenzhen' créé par conniegk, 20 Jan 2012.

  1. conniegk

    conniegk Apprenti

    20 Jan 2012
    Guangzhou, Chine (Canton)
    Colocation à Tianhe, Guangzhou ‏(Canton), Chambre à louer dans appartement - colocataire
    Chambre dans appartement

    Hello everybody =)

    We are having an available bedroom. The apartment is located in Tianhe district, near Citic Plaza & Westin Hotel, Sinopec tower. Tianhe district in Guangzhou, (Canton)

    The bedroom is furnished and it has air conditioner. The flat has suitable facilities for foreigner life: western toilet, hot water, kitchen, and washing machine; fast internet and so on. The building has 24hrs security.

    Nearby you can find: foreigner and Chinese restaurants, Starbucks, bars, pubs, Jusco supermarket, shopping & fitness centers, Ikea, banks, small shops, fruit market, and so on.

    There are two very near metro stations: Linhexi, line 3 and Gz East Rail Station, line 1. Also, nearby bus or taxi stops.

    Clean and honest people, please.


    For further information, please send email.

    Many thanks.

    #1 conniegk, 20 Jan 2012
    Dernière édition: 20 Jan 2012
  2. Oracle

    Oracle Membre Actif

    12 Août 2011

    I am in Canton since a few days and looking for a flat (I teach french actually). I am free this week. Is that possible to meet us ?

    Best regards,

  3. conniegkgz

    conniegkgz Apprenti

    22 Jan 2012
    Hello Stef,

    How to contact you (email or mobile number) . If you dont want to post your info here, please, you could send me email to conniegk@hotmail.com

    This week is free for the holidays, so i can have the time to meet. No problem. =)
  4. Oracle

    Oracle Membre Actif

    12 Août 2011

    sorry sorry, I answered very quickly :)

    So, you can contact me at vialastef@gmail.com or 15112330882 ; we can meet when you want ... tomorrow, the day after tomorrow ...

    Have a nice afternoon


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