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Coloc à 10 à 1 min du metro Ppl Sq (Exit 14) , Si t'y crois pas viens visiter...

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par bldelort, 22 Juil 2011.

  1. bldelort

    bldelort Apprenti

    11 Juil 2011
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    Type:Shared apartment
    Rooms:10 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 2 living rooms
    Size:400 Sqm
    Area:people's Square
    Metro:people's Square
    Compound:Fortune Club
    Floor:12th floor
    Contact:18616197221 or 15800560249 (french) or bldelortsh@gmail.com
    Send an email to tigerdragon3000@gmail.com or send me a text if interested


    Washing machine
    ADSL / Internet
    Health Club
    Outdoor Space
    Elevator et plus encore....

    Pass through the red carpet entrance on your way to meet your 9 international roommates in the middle of the Asia's boomtown. The total space will take your breathe away- 400 square meters! We added a projector to one living room to make a 3.5 meter TV on our wall which we hook up to movies regularly. (This ad will only let me place 7 rooms on the ad, there are actually 10 bedrooms in here).

    Check out our Facebook page with friends of the apartment, pics and videos of all of our latest parties and rooms at “Apartment 1202.”

    There is currently an opening for a guest bedroom.

    3900 RMB per month

    Guest Bedroom – 3350 per month

    Has its own flat screen TV, heating and AC that works according to western standards and not Chinese ones – so you will never feel hotter or colder than you want to. Right in the middle of the city for easy access to everything you need.

    About the apartment-


    Roommates have come from all over the world, feel free to check them out on facebook at “Apartment 1202.” After living here you could very easily have friends from Tahiti, France, America, Holland, Belgium or Switzerland – because they’ve all come through here.

    The Complex and Location –

    When you enter the complex you will pass convenience stores on either side you come from. A 24 doorman / watchman will open the door for you as you walk onto a red carpet. Two minutes walk from Peoples’ Square, between Raffle’s City and Nanjing Road. The most central subway stop in all of Shanghai. Nanjing Road provides 7 Km of shopping, restaurants, theaters, gyms, historical sites. The number one tourist attraction in Shanghai as well as the most convenient place to live. There are many foreigners in the complex and its really easy to make with friends with people.

    Living Rooms –

    There are two living rooms with 80 sqm and 55 sqm which can hold massive parties of up to 200 people. We have weekly big dinners with roomies and friends. Also, don't forget the 20 person movie theater.

    Parties –

    We have parties about once a month, maybe more. Expect to see people from at least 4 continents enjoying the theme party we are having at the time. This place is so big that 70 people here does not seem crowded at all

    Maid –

    We have a maid that comes by daily to check up on the place and clean whatever is out of order – so the place never gets dirty. Even after a party the place is clean by the next day at noon.

    Great Wall of Beer –

    We have Qingdao beer (the local brew) delivered so cheap that we make couches or walls out of the cases. Each beer costs about 2.5RMB delivered.

    Internet –

    Our 20M Internet 10x faster than regular DSL in China.

    Come check out more at our Facebook page - just search for “Apartment 1202” and check the apartment friends, videos and pictures.

    If you can’t move in with us but are still interested in coming by for a party feel free to let us know, this is a great place to network and we love to meet new people in Shanghai.


    The Master Bedroom costs 3900 RMB per month with a 2.0 month deposit. The total expenses for the fastest internet in China, power, water and daily maid is about 200-300 RMB per person. I need one month notice if you need to leave.

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