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Collocation au compound the water front libre toute de suite

Discussion dans 'Annonces - Immobilier et Colocations à Shanghai' créé par Lauxia, 15 Sept 2010.

  1. Lauxia

    Lauxia Membre Actif

    2 Mar 2010
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    Voici toute l'info que je mis sur d'autres sites anglophones

    5 stars Luxury apartment with Cinema/Pool/Gym

    Rooms:3 bedroom 2 bathrrom
    Size:159 Sqm
    Price:3500 rmb
    Area:Suzhou Creek
    Metro: lines 3 4 and 7 3 stops from Zhongshan park and also 3 from Jing'an temple, 4 to Changshu road
    Compound:-The water front

    Water Front is a new compound which lies right above the metro station with private access from its compound basement

    Luxury club house FREE for all the residents;
    Private Blu-ray Cinema, swimming pool, gym, tennis, basketball court...etc

    Satellite TV, Double glazed glass for all windows, heated floor, anti-misted mirror, central heating and cooling system
    Washing machine, Oven, Internet Wifi (200 kuai 6 months) Balcony, outdoor space

    With lots of restaurants and TESCO just right around the corner

    Apartment Info:
    Master bedroom is taken by a french-Moroccan couple

    The other two bedrooms with shared bathroom are 3500 each

    Payment terms: Two month deposit and One months rent

    Apartment video:

    Actually the rent is payed on the 14th but the month starts from the 20th. Im leaving on the 29th of sept so the room with terrace is available from that day on. For the first month you would have to pay the rest of the month, so from the 29th or 29th to the next 20th of oct so its 3 weeks and then on the 14th of oct you ll pay oct and it will start on the 20th... So on sept you would pay me 3500/31days= 166,6 per day so for 22 days from the 29th to the 20= 2.566 kuai and not the 3500 as it is for 22 and not 31 days...

    The apartment is managed by the agency sos expats so as for any agency in china you have to pay 35 per cent of the fee to them but they will help you anytime you need it, I can say for my experience they always did it and their service is multi-language.

    telephone number 13 81 74 1737 1

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