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Chinese Movie Night (Free to attend)

Discussion dans 'Bienvenue sur Pékin' créé par cychen07, 13 Nov 2012.

  1. cychen07

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    11 Jan 2012
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    Free to attend

    Movie Night
    Watch Chinese movies at OriChinese Language School
    Free drinks and snacks are available
    Time: at 7:00pm Every Friday night
    Address: 902 Jianwai soho, 39 East Third Ring Middle, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    Contact person: M. Chen
    Phone: 010-59000181
    Mobile: 13501128098
    Email: orichinese@hotmail.com

    Discover Chinese culture through movies, enjoy and have discussions with friends at Friday Night. We endeavor to build a Chinese learning community where we can communicate, learn, and enjoy. We are waiting for you!
    This week, we’ll watch “the LAST EMPEROR” 《末代皇帝》directed by Bernardo Bertolucci; screenplay by Mark Peploe with Mr. Bertolucci; photography by Vittorio Storaro; edited by Gabriella Cristiani; music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne and Cong Su; production designer, Ferdinando Scarfiotti; produced by Jeremy Thomas; released by Columbia Pictures. At Cinema 1, Third Avenue and 60th Street. Running time: 166 minutes.
    This Friday night, we will watch the first part.
    LEAD: PU YI (1906-1967), the last Manchu emperor of China, came to the Dragon Throne at the age of 2 and some months. Four years later, the Prince Regent, Pu Yi's father, was forced to abdicate all imperial authority to republican forces. The boy-emperor continued to stay on in lonely, unreal splendor in Beijing's Forbidden City for another decade or so.
    He was attended by 1,500 eunuchs, the various members of his extended household, their hangers-on and, toward the end, by Reginald Johnston, his faithful and sometimes acerbic British tutor, a Scot with a deep admiration for Chinese civilization and nothing but ridicule for salvation-mongering Christian missionaries.
    In the 1920's, supported by his huge private fortune, Pu Yi and his beautiful empress, nicknamed Elizabeth, accompanied by his secondary wife, were kicked out of the palace and moved to the port city of Tianjin. For a few years they carried on in what was seen as heedless, high-

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